What is the Objective?

A design system amplifies design-driven culture — it encourages people who work on the product to look beyond the building blocks and to think of the purpose of their design. The big picture that a design system imparts will lead to a better understanding of users and, ultimately, a better user experience.

DS come in the form of surveying end-users to get a pulse on how people’s opinion might change, Focuses teams on experience and implementation – more time can be spent developing a positive user and customer experience, adopting widespread implementation and Style Guide Driven Development to ensure business value via optimal experiences out-of-the-box.

Provides a single source for building user interfaces (UI) – developers recognise the UI, even when the requirements are different for different clients

  • All development agencies will be reused, so adhere, then users will be aware
  • All organisations around the government will be used and users will be floor the same, so consistency
  • Development cost will be reduced. Therefore, cost effective.


User King